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When the first signs of mold and mildew appear, a fast response is critical to prevent further health and structural issues.

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Serving Broward County, Florida, our specialists offer an end to end solution for mold related issues. Commercial or residential, if you have a mold issue within our service area, we’ve got you covered.


Mold Detection & Testing – Dry-Outs – Air Quality Control

Mold Inspection & Testing

To verify that you have a mold issue a certified specialist should carry out a mold inspection. These are a few indicators that should make you look for mold problems at your property:

> Water Damage: If your basement, roof, kitchen, bathroom or your property in general is flooding, you should look for mold. Any flood issue could make mold grow if you don’t dry it within 24 to 48 hours.
> Unoccupied property: When a property is unnocupied for a long period of time chances of mold appereance grow. This is very common in the Miami Metropolitan area due to the high levels of humidity.
> When purchasing a new home: There’s never a better time to carry out a mold assessment than the first time you step into your new home. You will never know previous mold issues if you don’t carry out a test. Prevent further structural damages with a simple inspection.
> You start having health problems: Notice those related to breathing. Please refer to this link or a doctor for further information.
> You see mold: Mold is easy to detect at first sight. If you notice some green, blue or black stuff growing in the corners, kitchen, sink or basement, get in touch. Chances are you’ve got a mold issue.

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Mold Removal & Cleanup

Our specialist are highly trained and offer mold removal and cleanup services for Margate FL residents. The most important thing at this point is to completely eradicate mold and prevent it from recurring.

Fast response. When mold appears every second counts for preventing mold from spreading further.

Any size or type of property. Our professionals can deal with any size or type of property. We’ve got you covered.

Highly trained specialists. Our pros specialize in mold damage restoration and related water issues. Ready to fight against any mold situation in the Miami Metropolitan Area.

Black Mold Removal

Also called as toxic mold, black mold can grow on walls, attics, showers, ceilings, windows, basements, sinks, kitchens and many other places. Regardless of the type of mold it’s important to get a professional assessment.

> Black mold inspection, testing and treatment
> Black mold cleaning

How to detect a mold issue?

Spotting a mold issue at your property can be difficult, that’s why we ellaborated a list of signs that show you should call a mold removal company as soon as possible:


One of the first signs that you may have mold in your basement, attic, bathroom, ac duct, wall or apartment is a strong odor. In many cases it’s difficult to spot mold visually. However, it thrives in wet and dark environments, that’s why it is found under carpets, kitchen sinks or wooden structural components. If you have a musty smell at your property consider calling a professional mold cleanup company for a solution.


One of the strongest factors that allow mold to grow in our homes. Margate and the whole Miami metropolitan area are warm and humid areas with a high risk of mold development. Also there are other factors that could cause moisture such as a flood, leaky roofs or basements, plumbing leaks or poorly ventilated areas or apartments.

Once the inspection is finished, the team will define the project scope, estimate the lenght and budget needed for the restoration and create a course of action.

The further mold spreads in your property the more spores continue to increase in the air. Mold spores imply health risks such as allergic reactions, asthma episodes and respiratory problem. If you are experiencing inexplicable health issues related to breathing, see this link for further health information.

This involves curring of the pipes´ waterflow, removing pipes, fixing a wall or an appliance, HVAC…

Where do we Find Mold?

What are the most common areas of mold appereance? We have listed a series of areas where mold issues can arise: 
HVAC Air Ducts – Attic – Walls – Bathroom – Basement – Other Areas

Why Choose Us?

Margate Mold Pros works with an extensive network of certified mold specialist covering Broward County. Our goal is to deliver the best customer experience and provide you with a fast and high quality response when mold grows.

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